There are 5 milk chilling centers and one bulk collection center in the district. Among milk collecting centers 172 centres from co-operative societies, 196 pick up private centres, put together average procurement of a month in litres is 6,59,050.0. All the milk-chilling centres are not meeting its milk requirement. Analysis of this data shows that there is a need to holding milch cattles among poor, as grazing lands are available. This activity would enhance the lively hoods of the poor families. There is an abundant natural resource to utilize and improve living standards. If the poor are provided with milch cattle, not only their lively hoods but their health and nutritional status would be improved.


MEDAK at Glance    


Medak districtis most back ward district in Telangana. state. It is a semi-arid zone. Low rainfall sometimes failure of mansoons affects agriculture and dependent labourers.

A majority of the population depends on agriculture. More than 50% of the population consists of Dalits, Tribals, and backward class communities. Illiteracy, ignorance, superstition, taboos are common among these communities. Small land holdings and land less families are high in no siltstion irrigation tanks led the farmers to dig bore wells. Rapid depletion of ground water and no poorer quality supply of electricity aggrevated the farmers owned bore wells. Rice, sugarcane and maize are grown in kharif season while pigeonpee; chickpee, sorghum, saffla and others are grown in Rabi season, which is rain fed.

Use of high fertilizers and pesticides are being practiced by farmers learned through "GREEN REVOLUTION". Which disturbed soil texture and resulted low retention power of moisture. Adultrated seeds, fertilizers and pesticides resulted crop failure and ultimately led to the suicides of the farmers.

Traditional agricultural practices such as application of farmyard manure, Green manure, preservation of traditional seeds which ensures food security To the families are rarely seen. Traditional agricultural practices enrich the soil with major and micronutrients that reflects in food grains. Consuming these food grains where absence of micronutrients resulting in nutritional disorders. The best example of this is Vit enriched "GOLDEN RICE" developed by Switzerland based company. India is willing to import that rice to combat Vit 'A' deficiency in voulnarable population while India has a abondent rich vit 'A' content foods such as green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Name of the medak is originated from 'METHUKU SEEMA' which means rice bowl. Where as now hunger deaths and farmers suicides are seen everywhere.

Taking in to the consideration of prevailing situation in Medak District, MEDVAN Member organizations are implementing Child Labour activity, school sanitation, and women SHG's and lEC observations, felt to initiate a comprehensive health and nutritional activities in the district. They felt to address the enhancement of lively hood programme as well as health and nutritional status of women and children in their areas. It is also planned to help poor families to provide some financial assistance to enhance their lively hoods with in the village.


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